On Demand SkyRELR Access: We currently offer a 30 Day license to SkyRELR access. This is a compute-optimized SkyRELR instance that runs on Amazon Web Services with 2 CPU cores. This should allow models with tens of thousands observations and candidate predictive features in the training data to be built within a day or even a few hours, although substantially larger data can be scored much more quickly. This 30 Day access license is appropriate for one-off modeling and scoring with lighter data.
Much larger instances that have 40 parallel CPU cores and substantially more RAM may be licensed for indefinite and/or longer term by contacting us and we also license the actual Amazon Machine Image including the source code. But we suggest that one should start with this current temporary 30 Day lighter data product as a starter/trainer product.

By pressing Buy Now and purchasing at PayPal, you acknowledge that you understand that you will receive an email from us within 1 business day of your purchase that will instruct you on how you should proceed to begin your licensing period. This will request that you provide appropriate information concerning the IP address that you will use to register your SkyRELR instance. You understand that your access period begins when this registration email is sent whether or not you register immediately. You also understand that once you purchase your SkyRELR instance access at PayPal you will not be able to cancel your payment. You also understand that your SkyRELR instance only can be accessed through the IP address of the computer that you provide when you register your SkyRELR instance. Also, you understand that optimal performance of all SkyRELR features only will be obtained with a more recent version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Finally, you acknowledge that you agree with the terms of the SkyRELR SOFTWARE Agreement

30 Day License to SkyRELR with support $999.00 (secure purchase at